Our range of board accessories will allow you a more flexible display of information on white boards, patient bed boards and patient name panels. Magnetic indicators can be bespoke printed to your own design requirements. Discounted prices for bulk orders will be communicated to you upon the receipt of your online quotation request.

  • Dry-Wipe Markers (2)

    Dry-Wipe Markers are the only best way of writing on white and printed boards, as they are dry erasable and washable.
  • Magnetic Comments Box (1)

    The Comments Box are perfect if you are looking to collect feedback from staff, patients and visitors. Attach the comment box to your Welcome To The Ward Board or Notice Board, along with leaflet dispensers and magnetic pockets, to display and collect information.
  • Magnetic Pockets (2)

    The Magnetic Coloured Pockets work in conjunction with any of our white or printed boards. They are a good solution when it comes to displaying important documents that shouldn’t be altered or destroyed. Transform your whiteboard into a public noticeboard where the documents remain visible without having to be handled by each visitor, member of staff or patient.
  • Whiteboard Cleaner (1)

    The Whiteboard Conditioner and Cleaner will keep your whiteboard clean, clear and looking brand new. Clean and renovate your Dry Wipe White Board surfaces.